Performance of Te Vas Milonga  and Viejo Caá Catí 


I was pleased to contribute to these pieces with Seattle Guitar Orchestra, directed by Mark H. Wilson, as part of a submission for the Seattle Classic Guitar Society Holiday Concert.  

Te Vas Milonga by Abel Fleury arranged by Mark H. Wilson 

Viejo Caá Catí by Edgar Romero Maciel and Albercio Mansilla,  arranged for guitar orchestra by Ignacio Eguia 

Featuring: Seattle Guitar Orchestra Fall 2022 With special guests Mirta Wymerszberg (Bandoneon y voz) and Stuart Zobel (guitar). Seattle Guitar Orchestra is Lucas Victor, Karen M. Sanders, Kayoko Kado, Charles Stanton, Bob Stuart. 

With acknowledgements to the Seattle Classic Guitar Society and  Scribe Music.