Northwest Folklife Festival


Northwest Folklife Festival

I am excited to be performing with Seattle Guitar Orchestra at Northwest Folklife Festival Sunday May 26, on the Artist at Play Welcome Stage at 1:30pm. Here are the details:

Seattle Guitar Orchestra

fingerpicked guitar styles from forgotten masters


Seattle Guitar Orchestra is dedicated to creating a community that explores the rich diversity of music through out time and across the world. SGO works to create and share a repertoire with commissions and creating records of composers from marginalized areas of representation or areas of conflict. SGO Stands united with Ukraine. In the last year SGO has released a CD and two movies of the music of Ukrainian composer Oleg Boyko, one of which was commissioned by SGO. Seattle Guitar Orchestra present music from Nigeria, Congo, Argentina, Columbia, China and Ukraine, Working on expanding the canon of classical guitar with works from Nigerian composer Taiwo Adegoke (1999), Congolese composer and guitarist Jean Bosco Mwenda (1930-1990) and Argentine Abel Fleury (1903-1958) and more.